Safe Lane is an exhibition that let visitors experience how safe is life for cyclists in Dublin.
Through the exhibition, the visitor is challenged with the same obstacles as cyclists would be on the road. Each obstacle informs about current cyclist issues. At the end of the exhibition, visitors will find out more about solutions and be informed about two examples from outside of Ireland and how they have managed to recreate and adapt the city to be safe and friendly for cyclists.

This exhibition is happening in complete darkness to let all warning signs stand out they are the wayfinding system. With a dark space, we created the atmosphere of cyclists at night when the risk of accidents is higher than in the bright light. Our visual language consists of a black and yellow colour palette, simplified icons and road signs. As a typeface, we chose Aktiv Grotesk, which allows both simplicity and boldness therefore it suits our needs with info panels as well as with huge banners.
Start of exhibition with cycle lanes as a wayfinding system
Obstacle of exhibition for visitors to experience
Entrance to chill zone with seating, infographics and more info panels
Infographics - Comparison of cyle lanes in Dublin with London and Amsterdam
Overlook of Chill zone with advertising a solution 

Flat Infographics

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