Reforest | Booklet | 2019

Visual Identity | Booklet | Typography | Photography 

In this brief I had to create a new visual language for a new
product / service with taking in consideration importance of
articulating product / service in a different way than it’s current
competition. My product / service had to be related to forestry as it
was assigned to me by client.

I’ve focused on current issue of lack of trees in the world and it’s
destruction to make profit. I’ve created a service that rewards /
penalise countries based on their trees per acre ratio. I’ve created
a booklet in which I've introduced and explained this service. For my
visual language I’ve used photography,high res scans of organic
objects and bold typography and used a an natural colour pallete.

I've stitched another mini booklet inside to show percentage of forest
cover in countries around the world to highlight which countries would
need to take action immidiately to not be penalised and which countries 
would benefit from this scheme the most based on their current data. 

Booklet Front Cover
Information about the Service
Mini Booklet 

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